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Orthoptic Vision Therapy for Our Hendersonville Patients

Many people are unaware of the benefits that can be gained through a regular vision therapy program. Indeed, the field of orthoptics is a fantastic way to improve vision and build eye strength. At the office of Dr. Elizabeth Todd & Associates, we offer therapy treatment to help with a variety of issues. Our Hendersonville clients can take advantage of this to improve your skills, abilities and comfort as it relates to your vision. You may be surprised by the results of such a regimen.

How Our Treatment Can Help Your Eyesight Improve

Vision therapy can be used to treat a range of vision issues. It works by gradually training patients through eye movement exercises. Usually conducted on a weekly basis, the programs are guided based on the patient’s unique visual needs, with the objective of building strength and alleviating problems. Such therapy commonly includes any of the following exercises:
  • Visual processing
  • Eye alignment
  • Eye movements
  • Tracking
  • Teaming
  • Focusing abilities
Engaging in these disciplines can benefit patients by offering improvement in visual functions. It can be used for treatment of conditions such as dyslexia, amblyopia or binocular vision. An eye doctor will help develop the best therapeutic treatment.

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The eyes are a delicate part of the body, and there are many things that can cause compromised vision and other problems. Vision therapy at the office of Dr. Elizabeth Todd & Associates is a great way to combat these and other ailments. Our Hendersonville office is also ideal if you need a pediatric optometrist  for your child. We specialize in caring for all of our patients’ vision needs, so if you are ready to set an appointment, call us at 828-693-6924.


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